See our guide here for a better process using the Clover bootloader.

Follow these steps to install OS X 10.10 Yosemite on your ThinkPad T410.
This guide is specific to units with Nvidia graphics. If you have Intel integrated graphics see the guide here for additional information.


  1. Update the BIOS with the official Lenovo BIOS version 1.45 available here
  2. Optional: Install the patched BIOS version 1.45 to remove the whitelist check and permit the installation of an OS X compatible half-height Mini PCIe wifi card such as the Dell DW1515 or Dell DW1510 (be sure to follow the instructions included with the patched BIOS)
  3. Adjust the settings in the BIOS:
    – Press F9 to Load Setup Defaults
    – Set Security > Security Chip > Disabled
    – Press F10 to Save and Exit


  1. Create an installation USB with laptop support using UniBeast by following the guide here
  2. Download the ThinkPad T410 OS X Yosemite Utility and Kext Pack and the Yosemite version of MultiBeast and place a copy of each on your installation USB
  3. Insert your installation USB and press F12 at startup to select your USB at the Boot Menu
  4. At the Chameleon boot menu, select your USB drive and type the following boot flags:
    -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes
  5. At the OS X Installer screen select Utilities > Disk Utility…
    • Select your target drive and click the Partition tab
    • Under Partition Layout, select 1 Partition
    • Name the partition Macintosh HD and format it as Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)
    • Click the Options… button and select GUID Partition Table
    • Click the Apply button and quit Disk Utility
  6. Continue with a standard OS X installation on your target drive
  7. After installation, start the computer with the installation USB, select the new installation drive at the Chameleon boot menu and enter the same boot flags:
    -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes
  8. Complete the guided OS X setup
  9. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and select Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere
  10. Run MultiBeast and select:
    Quick Start > DSDT Free
    Build > Install
  11. Quit MultiBeast when it finishes and launch the Kext Utility app
  12. Drag all of the kexts from the Utility and Kext pack to the Kext Utility window to install them
  13. Quit Kext Utility when it finishes and open the folder entitled Extra in the root directory of your installation drive
  14. Copy (and replace) everything in the Extra folder from the Utility and Kext pack to the Extra folder on your installation drive
  15. Eject the installation USB and restart the computer
  16. Install any system updates available through the App Store
  17. It may be necessary to re-install kexts after updating OS X. Simply repeat step 12 if anything doesn’t work correctly after a system update.

Not working

  • Bluetooth
  • Battery status in menu bar
  • USB ports after resuming from sleep

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